Please support our candidates for the National Officer Elections 2016-18. Details can be found on this web-site in the Elections section.

Our group aims to represent the views of NUT members in a professional and sensible way, and to organise within our Union associations and at Annual Conference. With sound organisation and planning, we aim to put forward progressive policies for our Union and win the debates and the votes needed to advance those policies. We implacably oppose political factions using our union for their own political purposes. We firmly believe we are a professional association as well as a trade union. This means that whilst we aim to protect and advance our members pay, terms and conditions in the political arena, this has to be done in the context of our educational beliefs.

We believe that this stance represent the views of the majority of NUT members: the sometimes silent majority which believes in NUT values. We want to work with you to ensure coherent, sensible and achievable policies and strategies are pursued for the benefit of teachers, pupils and education.

Industrial action has a place within the Unions armoury, but has to be used as a threat with great care. We believe that calls for such action need careful managing via surveys of members at appropriate times to make sure of support from the wider membership. Real support across the Union is required and not the posture and gesturing of vocal minority groups. This can never be a substitute for reasoned strategic thought about union policy and how best to further our causes.

As individual teachers we are proud of our communication skills. Broadly Speaking believe in harnessing the skills of teachers to persuade others, particularly parents, of the strength of our arguments. Together, we can:

Through successful organisation of moderate, progressive and dynamic teachers, we can plan a way forward centred on respect, professionalism and trust, ensuring that the NUT remains the towering force for teachers and education, not the tool of outside minority political forces.

Teachers face many challenges in all aspects of the job and we need to have effective and meaningful representation, not just an ideological aspiration. Empty rhetoric will benefit no one; in fact in many campaigns it will do more harm than good.

Help us organise to regain control of our union with moderate, sensible and effective policy and strategy.

In today's NUT it means gaining strength in numbers and in argument through avoiding the excesses of those who oppose us.

Get in touch and help us to achieve our goals.

A Message From Amanda Martin, Chair of the Broadly Speaking Executive Group

Amanda Martin


Broadly Speaking

The authentic voice of moderate and sensible classroom teachers